October 3, 2022

The Z-Rock Crew

Mon-Fri 6-10a
Sat 9a-1p
Mon-Fri 10a-2p
90s @ Noon
Mon-Fri 2-6p
420 Smoke Break
Mon-Fri 6-10p
Sun 9a-1p
Sat/Sun 1-6p
Sat/Sun 6-10p
Sat 10p-Mid
Mon-Fri 10p-6a Sat Mid-9a Sun Mid-7a / 8-9a
Mon-Fri 10p-6a
Sat Mid-9a
Sun Mid-7a / 8-9a
Metal Queen Emeritus

5 thoughts on “The Z-Rock Crew

  1. I love you guys!!!! This is my go-to station at work– I’m a case manager for behavioral health and listen while transporting clients…I bump it up after dropping off clients as a stress management!!! Some clients and I do car karaoke to this and I use it as “music therapy” as a healthy way of getting out all that anxiety! It’s mostly for me though as my job is very stressful!
    You are the highlight of my job . kinda. 🙂 Shhh don’t tell the boss

  2. Absolutely love ZROCK, great music, and a hilarious crew. Only station I play when I’m in the area.

  3. Is there any other rock station in Nor Cal? I guess you could listen to the classic rock station if you’re down with hearing the same songs over and over and over and over……((YIKEES!!)). I love the playlist, good DJs, and funny commercials. But most important ROCK AND ROLL free flowin on tap! You won’t be sorry.

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