May 31, 2020


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nightmare fuel

5/28 – Realistic Human Simpsons

Since the weekly half hour version debuted in December of 1989, stoners have gravitated toward The Simpsons.  I like to think part of that is …


Danny Wimmer Presents Family

With all the COVID-19 madness out there a ton of people are out of work until things can open back up…….and that includes the concert …

Tim Buc Moore’s North State Morning Show Tour

Z-Rock’s Complete Coverage of Norcal’s Epic Rock Festival

Relive Butte County’s Dumbest Annual Stunt!



Jesus, getting mauled by a tiger couldn't even take Roy out...

Friday night. That used to mean something. It still does, 'cause no one's stopping you from turning on cootdog and getting ripped to these hella phat jams, yo.


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