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Time-Out Problem on Certain Samsung model phones:

Some devices have power-saving controls that suggests certain apps should be “put to sleep” and this can cause this app (and others) to inconveniently time-out. Here’s the fix:

1-Go to Settings. Go to “Device Maintenance”.

2-Select “Battery”.

3-Select “Unmonitored Apps”. This control selects apps that won’t be suggested to be put to sleep. You will see a list of apps that can use as much power as they want.

4-At the bottom of the list of “Unmonitored Apps”, select “Add apps”. From the list, choose this radio station’s app.

5-Close this up, and your app will operate normally.


    1. That’s correct, but it’s not us. You’re thinking of 106.3 in New Mexico. The Z-Rock network folded around 1996 and we’ve be live and local here in Chico California (on 106.7FM) since then!

  1. How the hell does anyone find the dog they want to vote for? This contest is clearly rigged! You should be ashamed of your contest! No proper instruction on how to cast your votes!

    1. Hi Brian,

      I think you meant to comment on the Dog Star contest page, not the Z-Rock app page. RE: the contest, we had over 300 entries for Dog Star 2021. You should click “more” if you don’t see the dog you want to vote for, to ease your mind though, the dog entries are randomized when a person visits the page so no advantage is given to any individual entry.



    1. What up Michael?

      I’m thinking you’ve got a different Z-Rock. We’re in Chico California, a quick Google looks like 96.5 is in Idaho maybe? Naturally if you downloaded our app by mistake and listened it’s pretty clear that we’re pretty rad, so you’re forgiven for thinking we’re YOUR Z-Rock. We don’t have any socks though. We test marketed a Red Hot Chili Peppers style Z-Rock “sock” but our lawyers all started crying when we showed it to them so no such swag out our way!

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