May 31, 2020


Z-Rock Air Staff Posts

Aftershock sold out poster 500x500

Aftershock 2020 Sold Out

Well holy tits in a barrel.  That’s a thing people say, right?  No?Well either way, when they said the other day that they were almost …


Why 420 2020 was like the Original 420

There are a lot of weed related streams going on this week in honor of 4/20/20- You can learn things like Canna Cookin’, Weed Yoga …

Rock on the Range 2012 - Day 1

Falling in Reverse Guitarist Dead at 35

Super bummed to hear about Derek Jones passing away.  It was confirmed by the band’s front man, Ronnie Radke, in a tweet Tuesday.  There’s not …

Tim Buc Moore’s North State Morning Show Tour

Z-Rock’s Complete Coverage of Norcal’s Epic Rock Festival

Relive Butte County’s Dumbest Annual Stunt!



Jesus, getting mauled by a tiger couldn't even take Roy out...

Friday night. That used to mean something. It still does, 'cause no one's stopping you from turning on cootdog and getting ripped to these hella phat jams, yo.


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