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Media Lounge Tour

Boris shows you around the Media Lounge and runs into an old radio buddy!

VIP Upgrade Take 1

Boris and Tim Buc Moore at Aftershock 2022 giving people the opportunity to upgrade their General Admission tickets to VIP!

VIP Upgrade Fail

Boris and Tim Buc Moore at Aftershock 2022 sad that no one saw the video until too late to get the upgrade to VIP

VIP Upgrade Drama 1

Boris waiting for Tim Buc Moore for round 2 attempt at upgrading someone to VIP……but there is drama…

VIP Ugrade Drama 2

Tim couldn’t find parking…..or the VIP passes, so Boris heads back to the hotel to see if they’re still in the hotel room

VIP Ugrade Drama 3

Boris with Robert Los & Jacob McFadden, VIP upgrade recipients at Aftershock 2022! (yeah, Boris found the VIP wristbands)

Z-Rock Hang Invitation

Jelly Roll lost his voice and had to cancel both our interview and his set, so Boris used the opportunity to invite Z-Rockers to hang at Aftershock

The Interrupters Covering Foo Fighters

The Interrupters covered All My Life by the Foo Fighters, original Sunday headliners

Muse Closes The Weekend

Foo Fighters replacement Muse kicks off their Aftershock closing set and got a HUGE pop from the crowd!