Tim Buc Moore, weekday mornings 6-10 on 106.7 Z-Rock, the Noize of NorCal in Chico California

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Tim Buc Moore has been rocking the Chico airwaves for most of his adult life, which is funny because he is rarely considered an adult. An avid napper and doodler, Tim loves to hike in upper park. Since arriving at 106.7 Z-Rock in early 2015, he’s quickly entrenched himself into the fabric of the station, all while channeling his inner Uncle Rico. Tim enjoys  stuff and also does stuff but not stupid stuff. He wanted us to describe him as Herculean, but yeah, that ain’t happening. Oh, Tim is also terrified of squirrels. Don’t ask…

106.7 Z-Rock's morning man Tim Buc Moore riding his bike in Chico California
106.7 Z-Rock's Tim Buc Moore taking a bizarre bathroom mirror selfie complete with jackass Instagram filters
106.7 Z-Rock's morning man Tim Buc Moore on a motorcycle at Sierra Steel Harley Davidson in Chico California

TBM ON DEMAND Tim Buc Moore On Air Interviews

Tim Buc Moore 1 Year Camp Fire Anniversary Interview

Tim chats with Megan & Joey Best about their wedding story that got picked up by the New York Times after they lost it all in the Camp Fire, including meeting Trent Reznor of NIN.

Tim Buc Moore Harland Williams Interview

Tim Buc Moore talks with comedian Harland Williams ahead of his 2/23/19 performance at the El Rey theater in Chico CA

Tim Buc Moore Aaron Bruno (AWOLNATION) Interview

Tim Buc Moore talks with AWOLNATION frontman Aaron Bruno ahead of their Redd Sun Festival headlining performance at the Redding Civic Auditorium on 9/29/18

Tim Buc Moore Mike Ness (Social Distortion) Interview

Tim Buc Moore talks with Social Distortion frontman Mike Ness ahead of their 6/3/18 performance at the Redding Civic Auditorium in Redding California

Every other month, Tim Buc Moore takes the morning show on the road throughout Butte County. He broadcasts the entire morning show live from all manner of different local coffee joints, breakfast spots, and more. While he’s there he customizes Z-Rock coffee mugs with his doodles for listeners. Click here to see where he’ll be heading to next!

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