May 31, 2020

Win an Official Z-Rock Mask

Win an official Z-Rock mask from Idea Fab Labs in Chico California, modeled by TIm Buc Moore

Lost in Translation

You asked for it, we’re makin’ it happen!  Z-Rock masks aren’t for sale (but you CAN create your own custom mask(s) with our partner Idea Fab Labs, see more details below on that)

Why? Because we want you to win one for free!  We have an exclusive set of them up for grabs and you have a chance to win one every weekday in June.  Here’s how:

  • Listen to Tim Buc Moore around 7:20 weekdays
  • Play Lost in Translation!
    • Tim will spoken-wordify the lyrics to a well known Z-Rock song
    • If you recognize the title call in or text it as instructed asap
  • Get a free Z-Rock mask to rep your status as a Z-Cult member!

Standard contest rules apply, click here for alternate means of entry to any text based contest


To make custom Z-Rock masks for the air and promo staff we knew we had to keep in the family. Local. NorCal biznatch, which is why we teamed up with Idea Fab Labs in Chico.

  • Their masks are made by hand in Chico, California where their workers earn a living wage.
  • The 2-layer masks feature behind-the-head elastic straps, which are more comfortable than ear loops.
  • Featuring Artist series, custom-printed business logo masks, assorted prints, solid colors in black/blue/grey/purple.

  • All styles are available in adult and child sizes
  • Most orders ship the same day.

Visit them online at!

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