October 20, 2020

Win $1,000 EVERYDAY!


  • 10/5 – Tammy Dosser
  • 10/6 – Darci Benson
  • 10/7 – Shawna Smith
  • 10/8 – Beth Brown
  • 10/9 – Robyn Benes
  • 10/12 – Mary Pearson
  • 10/13 – Josh Willis
  • 10/14 – Sabrina Hageman
  • 10/15 – Laura Bowers
  • 10/16 – Susan Mills-Gabler

12 thoughts on “Win $1,000 EVERYDAY!

    1. Hi Caitlin,

      You may need to refresh the page and/or clear your browser’s cache. Alternately you can check in a different browser. If it still stays populated with yesterday’s words for you after that we can troubleshoot further. Hopefully you’ll be all set (and thankfully you can enter all of the day’s keywords up until midnight so you should be fine). Rock on!

    1. Hi Steve, commenting the word on this page won’t work as entry. You’ll need to sign in (create an account if you haven’t already) and follow the directions. You’ll see the input area for all the keywords each day. Good luck!

  1. The word “toke” did not work for today’s 4pm key word. I tried refreshing the page and also opening a new browser. Not sure why it won’t take it.

    1. Hi Ashley, just to double check, are you clicking submit so the word turns blue and then “I’m Done” at the bottom before logging out? Some people had that issue back in the Spring. “I’m Done” just means you’re done entering words for the moment, not like “I’m done for the day.” Hope that helps.

    1. Hi Anissa, the randomly selected entries get chosen at 10am the following day, and that’s when the calls start, until someone is reached and confirmed (all the fun legal mumbo jumbo), so usually you can expect the winner to be announced around 10:30am at earliest to 11:15ish if multiple selected entries don’t answer their phone before a winner’s confirmed. (Also, yesterday’s winner has been updated)

  2. When you guys call the winner, where does it say the call is from? Chico? Oroville? Redding? Asking for those that screen calls loL

    1. Hi Jamie,

      We actually use a third party company based out of Portland to execute the contest back end (covering our irresponsible alcoholic asses), so it very well may be a blank number or 503 area code. Then after they pick the randomly selected winner, we’ll follow up with a call from the slam line to confirm winner info, record winner audio, all that fun sheyat etc… GOOD LUCK!

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