February 4, 2023

VIDEO: ‘Rona-cast Studio “Tour”

If you’ve been listening to 106.7 Z-Rock in the afternoons over the past week, you know that I’m doing the show from home (Boris here).  The reason why?  Someone in the building tested positive for COVID-19, and because I was around them earlier I decided to get tested even though I wasn’t showing any symptoms.

The rapid at home test came up positive, so I scheduled a PCR test at Whitney Hall down at Chico State the next morning, and I started working from home.  Craziest thing?  SO much Omicron is going around right now that it took almost a full week to get those results back (also positive).

I’m incredibly grateful that I got vaccinated & boostered.  If that’s not your thing, no presh, but if you’re on the fence, know this:  on paper I’d be at SERIOUS risk for severe and/or long COVID.

I’m fat (damn you delicious food, and not exercising like I should anymore!), I have high blood pressure, and obstructive sleep apnea. I mean, hell, listen to me breathing in this stupid video like the fat asshole that I am.

I know it’s anecdotal, but I really do believe those shots kept me from having $#!+ go REAL South.

So if you’re very much against the vax? I’m not gonna be a dick about it, I hope you’re safe and healthy.

If you’re waffling, I’m just saying…I’ve gotten to broadcast in boxer shorts and a tank top for the past week with ZERO HR complaints, instead of $#!++ing blood every time I cough.

That said, had to show off the PS5 & XBox Series X in the video too.



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