July 27, 2021

VIDEO: A Little More Sanity on COVID-19 (How Dangerous?)

So if you’re social media feeds are anything like mine, there are plenty of people who are saying COVID-19 is deadlier than super-Ebola equipped with machine guns dipped in battery acid, and there are also plenty of people who like to say that COVID-19 is cuddlier than a mother’s gentle nuzzle and eskimo kiss …….and every sort of deadliness in between…

…once again a video from these folks popped up in my YouTube feed, I was pleasantly surprised to actually get some level-headed information about the disease that’s dominated our headlines (both good/bad/insane/etc…)

Check it out:

So What Now?

As I’ve said before (and the empty toliet paper aisle suggests), it’s important to make sure you’re getting your information about COVID-19 from good sources.  One of the (but not only) ways I’ve learned how to analyze sources is if they present themselves as factual, the language will not be chosen to primarily appeal to your emotions (anger/inspiration/disgust/sympathy/fear/hope/etc…)

Here in Butte County we have some good resources set up to compliment our national ones.

Find all the information on protecting yourself from COVID-19 here, and wash yer damn hands!

– Boris

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