October 20, 2020

Pumpkinhead 2020 Official Contest Rules

2020 Z-Rock Pumpkinhead

Official Rules and Disclaimers

Here are the official rules for the Z-Rock Pumpkinhead Contest (“Contest”) being conducted by KRQR 106.7 Z-Rock (“Station”) and its owner Results Radio LLC, starting Thursday October 1 and ending 11:59pm Saturday October 31, 2020.

The Station reserves the right to make rule changes which become effective upon announcement on air and in writing posted on ZRockFM.com (“Station Website”).   Failure to comply with rules may result in a contestant’s disqualification.

Station reserves the right to cancel, terminate, or modify the Contest as it deems necessary if it is not capable of completion as planned to include, without limitation, because of infection by computer virus, tampering, unauthorized intervention, legal challenge or technical failures of any kind.

Eligibility: The Contest is open to all US citizens who reside in the State of California, and who are age 18 years or older. Employees of Results Radio LLC, affiliates, other radio stations and their immediate families are not allowed to participate or win. 

Contestants may enter the Contest 1 time per calendar year, and only 1 Contestant per household may participate.  Winning this Contest is limited to 1 time per calendar year.

No purchase is necessary, and Contest is void where prohibited by law.

The Station is not responsible for technological errors or failures of the phone, text, internet, email, or computer systems.  Listeners of the Station online stream may not be able to participate in or be disadvantaged in participating in certain contests due to delays with the streaming of the broadcast signal.

To enter the Contest, complete the entry form on the Station Website.  Entrants are responsible for reading and understanding the Contest Rules.

An Alternate Means of Entry is to call the Z-Rock Promotion Director (530) 809-4819  Monday-Friday between 9:30am-5:30pm; or at any other official location designated by Station, or Station Website.

Entry form must be filled out in entirety to be eligible.  Deadline for entry is October 22 11:59pm. 

Station, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to disqualify any person tampering with the entry process or the operation of the Contest, and to disqualify that contestant from entering or winning future Results Radio LLC contests.

Eligible entry forms will be reviewed, and contestants will be chosen from all entries by the discretion of Station Judges during the entry period and concluding October 23 2020.  All Judges decisions are final. After selection, up to 12 entries may become Contestants.  Additionally, up to 10 entries may be chosen as Contestant-Alternates (in the event that a Contestant doesn’t show, becomes disqualified before the start of the event, or for other unforeseen reason can’t compete). In the circumstance where 1 or more Contestant slots become available to be filled by Contestant-Alternates, a Z-Rock Judge will conduct a random drawing to determine which Contestant-Alternate fills the slot.

Contestants and Contestant-Alternates will be notified by telephone, and by a post on Station Website.

Contestants are required to provide truthful information to the Station on entry and during entire operation of the Contest. Station will reject any entry it discovers to be based upon false or fraudulent information.

Contestants and Contestant-Alternates are required to appear in person and complete check-in at Carl’s Jr, 2516 Esplanade, Chico (“Contest Site”) starting at 7:00am and no later than 7:30am on Saturday October 31.  Contestants must arrive with their pre-carved pumpkin (see item #8-9).  Failure to appear, or complete check-in, before 7:30am will result in disqualification.

  • Temperature Check: Contestants and Contestant-Alternates are required to have a non-contact temperature check, performed by a Z-Rock Judge utilizing a forehead scanner.  A temperature of 100.4 Fahrenheit or higher (CDC’s guidance for Covid-19 fever) will result in disqualification. Contestants and Contestant-Alternates may request a 2nd temperature check for verification so long as it is completed before 7:30am.

Prize Winner is required to appear and sign required affidavits and releases within 10 business days at Station office parking lot, or the prize will be forfeit.

The Grand Prize and its total value is $1,000.00, payable by check in the name of the Contestant within 30 days after signing required affidavits and releases.  Additional Prizes may be announced by the Station and may be awarded within 30 days after signing required affidavits and releases.

This is a rain or shine event.

To Play the Contest on October 31, Contestant must wear a placard bearing their name, the Z Rock logo, and a Station Sponsor name as designated by the Station, and stand balanced atop a milk crate.   At 8:00am all Contestants will place their pre-carved pumpkin over their heads, hang their placard around their neck and stand on their crate.  The last Contestant standing on their milk crate will win the Grand Prize.  In the event of a tie, Station Judges will conduct a straw-poll as a tie breaker.  See Event Participation Rules (below) for details on the length of the Contest and Tie-Breaker procedures.

All decisions of the Judges will be final. 

Station offices are closed on Legal Holidays. Prize must be picked up by advance appointment at the offices of Results Radio LLC Monday through Friday between 9am and 5pm at:

Chico: 856 Manzanita Court, 95926

To claim the prize, the winner will be required to present valid, government-issued photo identification and personal social security number together with complete personal residence address, date of birth, and phone number, all such information to exactly match the information as supplied by contestant with entry. Prize cannot be claimed by third parties on behalf of the winner.

Prize is non-transferable and may be substituted for a prize of same or lesser value.

Taxes are not included. Payment of taxes will be the responsibility of winner.  Winners will be required to fill out a W-9 form. 

By entering Contest, Contestants and Winners agree to indemnify this Station and Results Radio LLC from and against any claims or liability arising directly or indirectly from use of the prize or participation in this Contest.

Contestants and Winners agree to allow use of their name and voice in radio station marketing materials.  Winners agree to sign publicity releases prior to accepting the prize.

Pumpkinhead Event Participation Rules:

  • The Contest will be a one-day endurance event. No bathroom breaks will be given. Contestants may not wear diapers or other devices to prevent urination or defecation during the Contest. Z-Rock reserves the right to inspect for diapers or other devices designed to circumvent this rule.
  • Z-Rock Judges may call an Official Break during the Contest at any time and for any reason. The timing and length of Official Breaks will be at the discretion of the Z-Rock Judges.
  • Contestants must remain standing on their crate always during the Contest unless Contestants are performing a Z-Rock-designated task (a “Task”) or an Official Break has been called. Otherwise, crouching, sitting, lifting a foot off the crate, resting one foot on top of another, jumping, turning away from the requested direction or any other action other than standing, facing toward the REQUESTED DIRECTION will result in disqualification. A Contestant stepping off of the crate, removing the pumpkin from their head, having the pumpkin fall off their head will be eliminated from the competition, even if the Contestant is not responsible for the pumpkin breaking. If at any time other than an Official Break the pumpkin leaves a Contestant’s head, that Contestant will be disqualified.  During one legged stands the Contestants other foot must not touch the milk crate or their other foot/shoe and cannot rest on the firm leg.
  • Any item brought to the event for use by Contestant must remain in the Contestant’s physical possession. There will be no storage on the ground around the Contestant. Contestants may not bend down to place items on the ground around them or to pick them up off the ground.  Any item the Contestant needs to use must be stored in a pocket, or backpack on their person, tied to them, or placed on strings tied to them provided they do not touch the ground, interfere with safety, or attach to skin. Judges may take items from Contestants for storage, but the Contestant then loses the use of removed item for duration of the contest. Judges or station representatives will transfer items back and forth between a contestant and their support team.
  • Contestants will be directed by Z-Rock Judges or Officials to perform Tasks no less than twice an hour while being required to remain standing on their milk crate. Contestants will be given a count of 3 to begin to perform the Task. If the Contestant does not start doing the Task at end of the count of 3 the Contestant will be disqualified.
  • Contestants must obtain their own pumpkin which must be a real, naturally grown out of the dirt pumpkin. No plastic or un-natural pumpkin will be permitted.
  • Pumpkins used by Contestants must fit over the Contestant’s head.  The forward face-side of the pumpkin must be limited to these carving specs:
    1. No more than two (2) eye-holes with max dimension of 2 inches across.
    2. No more than one (1) nose-hole with max dimension of 3 inches across.
    3. No more than one (1) mouth-hole with max dimension of 3×4 inches.
    4. No more than two (2) ear-holes with max dimension of 2 inches across.
  • If the pumpkin changes or deteriorates during the Contest such that eyes, nose, and mouth openings exceed maximum allowed measurements, the contestant may be disqualified.
  • Touching one’s pumpkin is not allowed in this Contest. There is no readjustment allowed by touch. No items, including headgear, cloth, or other materials may be worn inside the pumpkin or placed on head.
  • This is a rain or shine event, subjecting Contestants to natural weather conditions including sun, precipitation, wind, or wildfire smoke.   No devices to shield the contestant from weather may be used. No parasols, umbrellas, canopies, or attachments to the pumpkins to shield the elements may be used.
  • Contestants may not display, on their clothing or person, any marketing messages that are deemed inappropriate for family public viewing in the sole discretion of Z-Rock Judges. 
  • Contestants may not talk or communicate in any manner, directly or indirectly, with any other Contestant during the Contest or during Official Breaks.
  • Contestants are permitted to speak with friends, family members, and their cheering/support team except during No Talking Periods imposed at the sole discretion of Z-Rock Judges during which no audible communication will be permitted by the Contestants with any person.
  • Contestants must be able to hear/see the judges always (unless your pumpkin moves during the Contest and you can’t see what is going on, then it’s on you and the judges to determine if you can continue the contest in a safe manner).
  • No personal entertainment devices are allowed this includes tablets, e-book readers, i-pads, DVD players, personal video game systems, and personal laptop computers. Cell phones and smart phones are allowed. However, phones must be kept/used outside of the Contestants pumpkin.
  • No ear buds or listening devices of any type, as they may interfere with a contestant being able to clearly hear instructions from the Z-Rock Staff.
  • Contestants may use “smart-phones” to update their personal social networking sites to gain support from friends and family around the world. Bear in mind: If your cell phone battery goes dead and you hand anything to a Z-Rock staff member it is no longer able to be used and it will be returned to the contestant after the contest.
  • No books, papers, magazines, etc are allowed.
  • Eyewear may be worn at Contestant’s discretion. However, if Z-Rock Officials determine that Contestant’s eyewear poses a health hazard or a risk of potential injury the Contestant will be asked to step down and be disqualified.  If Contestant wears eyewear it must fit within the pumpkin and not pose any hazard if the pumpkin shifts.
  • Supporters of contestants are allowed to supply food or drink (non-alcoholic beverages only) during the Contest except during tasks and no-talking periods, but in doing so, Contestants may not remove pumpkins from their heads or touch their pumpkin during this time, and must remain standing on the crate facing the requested direction. Contestants are responsible for bringing food or for having food delivered to them during the Contest as Z-Rock will not be responsible for providing any food, beverages, or other nutrients to any Contestant.
  • If any Z-Rock Judge extends an offer of a prize to Contestants in return for ending their contest entry, the Contestant who raises their hand first according to Z-Rock Judges will be the one who receives such prize. However, Contestants must raise their hand and be acknowledged by the Z-Rock Judges BEFORE stepping off their crate in order not to be disqualified.
  • Z-Rock may disqualify any Contestant at any time for any reason. If the Z-Rock Judge monitoring the Contest determines, in their sole discretion, that a Contestant is placing his/her health or other Contestants health in jeopardy, the Contestant may be disqualified.  Decision of the Judge is final.

  • Z-Rock reserves the right to relocate the site of the Contest at any time. Should the site be moved after the Contest has commenced, an Official Break will be called, and Z-Rock Officials will assist Contestants with moving to a new site.
  • Should Z-Rock Judges determine at any time that there is any reason to end the Contest while more that one (1) Contestant remains, Judges will declare a tie, and conduct a tie-breaker among the standing Contestants and will award the Grand Prize to 1 Winner
  • Any attempted or actual negotiation between Contestants that might result in a splitting or other division of the Grand Prize will result in disqualification of all Contestants found to be a party to such effort.
  • By participating in this Contest, Contestants agree to hold Results Radio LLC, it’s affiliates, employees, representatives, members, officers, directors and sponsors harmless from any liability or damages of any kind whatsoever arising from Contestant’s participation in this Contest. Each Contestant, by participating in this Contest personally accepts full liability for his or her participation in this Contest.
  • Contestants acknowledge the Contest may be hazardous and Contestants warrant that they are physically able to undergo the ContestContestants assume all responsibility for their comfort, well being and safety and understand a Contestant can step down from the milk crate and remove oneself from the Contest at any time, whether for physical, mental or emotional reasons.
  • By participating, Contestant states that, to their knowledge, they do not have any medical condition that will place Contestant or other participants in any danger, including but not limited to, COVID-19, Vertigo, Diabetes, Hypertension, Migranes, Anemia, Heart Disease, Anxiety Disorder, or any allergy to the Event’s surroundings including the pumpkin.  Contestant understands and acknowledges that Results Radio LLC and Z-Rock Officials are not trained in any field of medicine and cannot be held responsible for Contestant’s health and safety during the Contest.  Contestant is solely responsible for their ultimate health and well being prior to, during and following the event.   
  • No Contestant will be allowed to leave the Contest area at the conclusion of their entry participation, prior to being cleared by on-site medical personnel or a Z-Rock Official.
  • By participating in this Contest, Contestants agree to give Z-Rock permission to use their name, voice and likeness for purposes of advertising and promotion without further compensation for a period of up to fourteen months from the date of their application for participation in the Contest.
  • All federal, state and local taxes are sole responsibility of the winner. All federal, state, and local laws apply.

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