August 12, 2020


Z-Rock Air Staff Posts


Danny Wimmer Presents Family

With all the COVID-19 madness out there a ton of people are out of work until things can open back up…….and that includes the concert …

Aftershock sold out poster 500x500

Aftershock 2020 Sold Out

Well holy tits in a barrel.  That’s a thing people say, right?  No?Well either way, when they said the other day that they were almost …


Why 420 2020 was like the Original 420

There are a lot of weed related streams going on this week in honor of 4/20/20- You can learn things like Canna Cookin’, Weed Yoga …

Tim Buc Moore’s North State Morning Show Tour

Z-Rock’s Complete Coverage of Norcal’s Epic Rock Festival

Relive Butte County’s Dumbest Annual Stunt!