October 1, 2020


Butte County’s Dumbest Annual Stunt is back for 2020!

Z-Rock Air Staff Posts

Tim Buc Moore’s North State Morning Show Tour

Z-Rock’s Complete Coverage of Norcal’s Epic Rock Festival



Has cootdog arrived in studio and rocking your face off has commenced? It would appear so you lucky son and/or daughter of a bitch!

coot's page: https://zrockfm.com/c-dub/

Stream Live: http://krqr.tunegenie.com/

The daily taste test that is #beer30 is up in 10ish min! 'course @timbucmoore will ruin it w/the morning blind drunk take. Least Frost's trying to class it up for sponsor @FeatherFalls Brewing Company!

Listen Live: http://krqr.tunegenie.com/

Beer-30 Page: https://zrockfm.com/beer-30/

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