February 4, 2023

ON DEMAND: Matt Braunger Interview

Did you catch Matt Braunger hanging out with Boris all show long?

Here’s their entire conversation, where they talked about all sorts of $#!+, including some of his most iconic routines, yearning for a time where people could disagree without hating each other, driving cross country with a 6-week old newborn at the beginning of a pandemic, the new world where comedy doesn’t HAVE to be in New York or Los Angeles, and a ton more.

Click here to find out how to win tickets (or just buy them if your luck has always been a personal affliction cast onto you by a cruel god). Unless of course you’re seeing this after 4:20pm Friday August 27th, or even moreso after Saturday August 28th 2021. In that case, enjoy the interview, and hello from the past. Is everything still on fire?

All the bits Boris and Matt talked about are embedded below for your enjoyment!

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