February 4, 2023

FU 2020 Contest Results


Since Aftershock 2020 turned into 2021, we might have gotten an entire extra day, but it still sucks the gawt-damn pandemic has basically fawked our entire year up.  So you know what?


These folks below did, but even if you didn’t see this in time and still want to win full weekend passes, check out YOUR OFFICIAL AFTERSHOCK EPICENTER.

Congratulations to Melanie Jessee & Larry Willis for their social media mastery netting the Aftershock 2021 passes!

FINAL RESULTS AS OF 12PM 11/6/2020 Combined Likes/Comments/Shares

116 Combined

1st Place

(the Instagram embed seems to be breaking out website, so click the pic to see the original post)

99 combined


2nd Place

2nd Place

95 combined

3rd Place

3rd Place

77 combined

4th Place

4th Place

4 thoughts on “FU 2020 Contest Results

  1. Are you guys just going off the original post because for some reason mine got split into two if I lost I lost but I was just double checking.

    1. Hi Cody,

      Just the original post. We searched Facebook’s #fu4passes and got your entry that way. More chances to win passes next week!

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