May 31, 2020

Feeding the Front Lines

106.7 Z-Rock and Dr. Shane at Specific Chiropractic Centers in Chico are Feeding the Front Lines

Thank You

We’ve already talked to so many essential workers like nurses, plumbers, supermarket staff and more, but the nominations kept rolling in, so we knew we couldn’t end Feeding the Front Lines after two weeks like we originally planned, and thanks to Dr. Shane at Specific Chiropractic Centers & Pastor Jeff Young at Life Church in Chico, we’re now into week FIVE!

Fill out the form below to nominate an essential worker in your life you’d like to reward.  We’ll select a winner every weekday until June 5th and give them a $50 gift card to a great local Chico restaurant! *

  1. Monday 4/27: Julianne Glaser – CNA at Enloe
    nominated by Theresa Fegley
    “I’m nominating Julianne because she’s caring, hardworking, and loves what she does. Also because she takes extra shifts when called in and she’s been through a lot the last couple of years. The Camp Fire caused her to lose her place, then she wrecked her car a year later, and she’s finally getting back on her feet. Not having to cook a meal would be very helpful!”

  2. Tuesday 4/28: Katie Vann – RN at Enloe
    nominated by Kyle Vann
    “My wife’s an RN at Enloe, always excited about work, willing to do what ever is needed even if she’s never done it before she jumps in and figures it out. She’s the hardest worker I know to the point it sometimes makes me look bad haha, and as a family of 4 would make an awesome easy dinner after she gets home from a 12 hour shift less time cooking and more time to drink what goes the best with pizza….beer! Thank all you guys at Z-Rock & Woodstocks for doing this for all the people willing to be working these types of jobs it means a lot!”

  3. Wednesday 4/29: Sonya Kopel – Bakery Manager at Raley’s
    nominated by Wendylyn Clemens
    “Sonya is an amazing worker who wakes up every day to take care of her fellow customers and also spends the extra time to come in early to make up all the special bags for the seniors. She is always positive and you can’t spell essential without Sonya!”

  4. Thursday 4/30: CJ Castaneda – Safeway worker
    nominated by Megan Delorne
    “My little brother works at Safeway, and I feel deserves this.  When many co-workers quit, he stayed ’cause he didn’t want to leave the store hanging. He’s built a relationship with customers and is always there to help so much so he doesn’t go out after work! He doesn’t want to get people at work sick because at the end of the day his goal and what he goes to school for is nursing, so he knows the risk and fully cares.  He’s a great we’re we’re very proud of!”

  5. Friday 5/1: Amy Davis – Sonogram Technician at Enloe
    nominated by George Davis
    “My big sister Amy has always been essential to our famliy, as well as her community. She has 5 children she cares for with no help, and recently she adopted my brother’s 2 children. She’s a tireless worker and bubbly as a person in her exhausting shoes could possibly be. I’ve never met another person more willing to go the extra mile for the next human than her. I can promise you there is not another entry more deserving than her and the best thing about it is she loves pizza. She thinks different pizza places are different food LOL if you eat D*****s tonight and Woodstock’s tomorrow you didn’t eat the same thing two nights in a row in her mind, its hilarious! I love her you should give her this meal. Thanks for hearing me out have a great day. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz RrrrrooooocKKKKK!”

  6. Monday 5/4: Cassie Ruckel – Patient Cook at Enloe
    nominated by Mari Santoyo
    “Cassie works 5 days a week 10- 6 in the kitchen making food for everyone. She makes all the patient foods, and makes sure nothing is messed up. She has even taken on an extra shift lately so now she only has one day off. She is the kindest, warm hearted person you’ll ever meet. Her patients and her co workers love her! She has also recently become a home owner at the young age of 24 and she did it all on her own! I know she has been so stressed out lately, but she deserves to be nominated for all her hard work, and for never calling out of work, even if her sciatic nerve kills her she’ll continue to work her ass off! She is loved and appreciated so much. She has done so much in her short life and deserves all the happiness in the world.”

  7. Tuesday 5/5: Symon Gomi – Banker at Tri Counties Bank
    nominated by Kiersten Goni
    “My dad is the hardest working person I have ever known and damn does he go out of his way for everyone and loves it! He is so gracious and truly cares about all of his co-workers & customers so much. 🙂 I just want to nominate him, to make him feel appreciated and to say thank you for all he does for his family and everyone at his job. I love you so much, Dad! ♡ “

  8. Wednesday 5/6: Tierra Monay Bassham – CNA at Enloe
    nominated by Mary Dean
    “I’m nominating Tierra because she’s been working as a CNA at Enloe despite the risks and concerns of contracting COVID-19. She also looks forward to continuing her education so she can devote herself to nursing and set an example of perseverance to her two songs and her husband. Some of the Enloe staff were affected by reduced hours due to restrictions of certain procedures being done, so her family has been hit pretty hard financially.  These tasty pies will be so meaningful to them, worth more than face/dollar value – it will give all of them a reprieve from the fears and sometimes desperation caused by the unknown during these uncertain times.  It really will feel like a celebration, no joke.”

  9. Thursday 5/7: Mars Marshall – Plumber at Experts in Your Home
    nominated by Sondra Marshall
    “I’m nominating my best friend and husband Mars. He has been working everyday plus overtime to make sure all your plumbing needs are dealt with.  From clogged sinks and toilets, to diggign ditches to find the leaks underground. It is a dirty job and nobody really considers what plumbers do to keep us out of this mess while doing it safely.  He comes home tired and still goes out there even on call to get the job done. I hope to get him recognized along with all the folks at Experts in Your Home for the hard work being done during these times.”

  10. Friday 5/8: Zoie LeFever – Head Teacher/Assistant Director at Creative Minds Early Learning Center
    nominated by Heather Lingemann
    “Zoie is the Head Teacher and Assistant Director at our preschool. Zoie is flexible, and rolling smoothly with the changing times for child care right now with a smile on her face. She is always fun loving with the children in her care, helps them to learn accountability from her own example, and is endlessly creative.  She keeps the routine and continuity going for our center. The children would never know that anything is different in our community right now were it not for the many children who are absent, and staying home because their parents aren’t part of the Essential Infrastructure Workers List. I can count on her to be present both physically and mentally everyday. She is an essential element of our preschool, I don’t know what I would do without her. Zoie is a total rock star!”

  11. Monday 5/11: Jessica Tutone – RN at Prestige Assisted Living in Oroville
    nominated by Ryan Foster
    “I’m nominating my amazing girlfriend Jessica Tutone who is the RN and in charge of the staff and all of their residents at Prestige Assisted Living at Oroville. I have multiple reason for nominating her. She was in a car accident in November and her car was totaled. Her neck and back were seriously and most likely permanently damaged, and even through that she has maintained to stay on top of it, always providing the best of care and being a positive source energy. She is on call all the time and answers the phone to help with any problems, which it seems there have been more of since the COVID-19. The guests being older and more at risk have had a extreme lock down, which causes more problems for them. A total change of routine and only being able to stay in their rooms with no visitors or family. This makes it rough on their mental state and health by not allowing them to be out and moving about. She is doing her best to follow the laws placed while still trying to provide the best care. I feel like she would be a perfect winner, but whether she wins or loses I know she deserves to be thanked and praised for her actions. “
  12. Tuesday 5/12: David Chandley – Big O Tires
    nominated by Teresa Chandley
    “I am nominating Dave Chandley because he is hard working, I wish I could nominate the entire crew! They try to follow social distancing rules but with a small waiting room sometimes it’s not easy to enforce. The entire crew are exposed on a daily basis and deserve the recognition for all of their hard work. Dave works very hard and serves the public without fail with respect and a sense of humor despite the fact that the public can be difficult to deal with. The stress that they deal with on a daily basis is tremendous and I think they deserve a treat for all they do. If I have to pick one person though it would be my hubby Dave Chandley.”

  13. Wednesday 5/13: Deborah Bruner – Nurse Manager at Chico VA Veterans Clinic
    nominated by Ryan Schiel
    “Deb Bruner goes above and beyond taking care of local area veterans at the Chico VA Veterans Clinic. She is the Nurse Manager at the clinic and with last week being VA Nurse’s Week I wanted to honor Deb’s military service and dedication to Veterans as well as honor the nurses in my clinic”
  14. Thursday 5/14: Robert Chapman – Grounds & Maintenance at Eaton Village
    nominated by Heather Thompson
    “People don’t realize everything that goes into the places they live. Robert keeps an ENTIRE apartment complex looking great and functioning properly so people can live a comfortable life. It’s something a lot of people take for granted.”
  15. Friday 5/15: James Cargill – Cargo Flow LLC
    nominated by Jordan Cargill
    “My husband is a long haul trucker and he’s out there delivering the supplies to stores and making sure we have what we need. Not only is he usually gone for about a month but with this we don’t see him as much, we miss him, and I want to show him some love and appreciation.”
  16. Monday 5/18: Jesse Hamilton – Peter’s Well Drilling
    nominated by Katie Helton-Potts
    “Jesse is the hardest working person I know. He drills water wells for a living, which I think people don’t give enough appreciation or credit for. He and his co-workers deal with all types of people and this COVID issue has made their job twice as hard. He still shows up everyday, works 12-14 hours, deals with people that are also stressed out and on edge, and does it with integrity and the willingness to help ease peoples minds. He goes above and beyond for his job, family, and people in general. I’d love it if we/you could help show him that he is valued, appreciated, and that all his hard work and sacrifice isn’t for nothing. “
  17. Tuesday 5/19: Erinn Bromley – 6th St. Center for Youth
    nominated by Michalyn Renwick
    “Erinn is an amazing social worker who cares deeply for the homeless youth in our lovely town of Chico. She has been working hard through the distancing order, and always creates spaces for people.. :)”
  18. Wednesday 5/20: Cassie DeCosta – Dr. Sterzer MD Office
    nominated by Rob DeCosta
    “My wife has been an absolute badass through all this. She continues to work, homeschooling our son, and keeps us all sane at home. I couldn’t think of anybody better to pandemic with.”
  19. Thursday 5/21: Stephanie Evans – PV Chevron Circle K
    nominated by Jay Evans
    “She is the manager there and goes in at 3:30 am Monday through Friday to be open by 5 am still serving her loyal customers with coffee and food on the roller grill for them. Even with her staff cut down she still does it all for her store. Stephanie is a wonderful woman, my wife, she is a great mother to our kids, and she is out there every day during this. She’s making sure her store keeps running and that her customers are taken care of even in this time of COVID-19. She is a very essential worker, always with a smile on her face, and every week makes sure all her employees are safe and still have a safe place to work.”

  20. Friday 5/22: Jaclyn Gateley – Enloe Hospital
    nominated by Brandy Grout
    “She is not only an amazing NICU nurse but an amazing friend. She always puts others first and is one of the most caring and helpful people I have ever met. She is a blessing to many ❤️”
  21. Monday 5/25: Deanna Mayberry – United States Postal Service
    nominated by Dan Mayberry
    “She’s my wife, she’s a super hard worker and she’s a mail carrier and does the whole “gotta go in to work no matter what; rain, sleet, snow… pandemic” and I’m really proud of her.”
  22. Tuesday 5/26: Silvia Newhall – GrubHub Delivery Driver
    nominated by George Dunlop
    “I nominated Sylvia because she’s my girlfriend and she’s doing her best to hustle. She’s a GrubHub worker who delivers food to people that need it, and has been working hard all through the pandemic. I nominated her because she’s bustin’ her butt and is still going strong making deliveries for others all while keeping good food handling practices and sanitation”
  23. Wednesday 5/27: Angelina Orozco – Freight Worker at Dollar Tree
    nominated by Nicole Caldwell
    “Angelina is a very hard worker. She is my main freight person and if I didnt have her I don’t know who would help me fill the store for customers. I really appreciate her help.”
  24. Thursday 5/28: Jesse Ingalls – Patient Care Coordinator at Feather River Health Center
    nominated by Martha Smith
    “Jesse is a patient care coordinator at the FRHC specialty department. He’s always gone above and beyond for patients, the providers, and his fellow co-workers. Even though he lost everything in the Camp Fire and relocated to Red Bluff, he continues to work in Paradise. He’s also been helping with checking temperatures of patients at the Corning Clinic. If anyone deserves recognition it’s him.”
  25. Friday 5/29: Summer Smith – EMT for Butte County EMS/First Responders
    nominated by Jessie Smith
    “I am nominating my wife because she works graveyard shift as a EMT for first responders, running calls all night helping people, then comes home tired but still manages to do this new distance learning with our 5 kids while I work days. She never stops and just keeps going without any complaints. Her working full time and trying to home school 5 kids has got to be frustrating. She deserves some recognition for all she does for her community and family.”

* official contest rules