October 3, 2022

Dad Rock Part 2

Not too long ago, I introduced you to Tyler and his Dad, Adam. They did a song called “The Joys Of Homeschooling” with the mighty Neil Fallon of Clutch. 

I’d been watching this Dad Rock Duo do their thing via twitter for a couple of months and was so stoked for these guys when they did their collaboration with Neil from Clutch.  It’s also simply put, a great song  .

Now this dynamic duo is back with “It Came From the Basement” with Jared Collins of Mississippi Bones on vocals.

I need to remind yall that Tyler is NINE years old and is a better guitar player than I will ever be, and I’ve actually tried to play guitar.

Keep an eye on this young’un, he’s going places.

<3 Frosty


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