October 3, 2022

Christmas Movie Theater Drama in Chico

Christmas Movie Theater Drama in Chico
Christmas Movie Theater Drama in Chico

If You Don't Wanna Read...

If you don’t wanna read, there’s this, direct from the studio……otherwise see below!

I Must Know What Happened...

So as I mentioned on the air today, after the Christmas show yesterday I decided to see Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker finally.

This post is NOT about that.

It’s about what happened about 30 minutes into the flick.  Here’s the quick deets:

I got off the air at 2pm so I decided to see if the big show was packed or not (if it was I wouldn’t have gone), but the front part of the theater was pretty sparse, so to start off, I’m looking for anyone else that was at THIS screening of Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker

Christmas Day:
3:25pm XD Cinemark 14 in Chico showing

I was pretty close up front so I would have all the space in the world, even if the viewing angle wasn’t the greatest. About a half hour into the movie, I started to hear whispers behind me and to the left.

It was a woman’s voice, and much like someone who pays a bunch of money to see a pro boxing or MMA fight, the second two drunk assholes in the stands start punching each other we all whip our heads around to view THAT instead…..so did I prick my ears up to hear this restrained fight behind me.

The bulk of it was, “I’m leaving, this is a nightmare, you’re making me live a nightmare.  I hate Star Wars, this is a nightmare, I hate everyone who likes Star Wars, I hate everyone around me in this theater, and this is a nightmare. Why are you making me live a nightmare, I want to leave!”

After a little while, they did leave……..but now I have so many questions:

  1. Why were they there in the first place?

  2. Was this some horse $#!+ Christmas present that she bailed on (actually going to see a Star Wars movie with husband/boyfriend?)

  3. If he had indeed talked her into it before, what did he expect?

  4. Did they break up afterward/are there divorce papers coming?

  5. Did anyone else at this screening that was in the front section hear/see this?

So please, for my own sanity, I need to know the full story.  If this was you (the guy or the girl) or if you were there and saw it, PLEASE, comment on this post to let me know what the F**K was up?  If you wanna keep it low key, no worries, send us a message on Facebook or via the text line: 530-342-SLAM (7526)

Thank you, and may the force be……er………. hope your Christmas was better than THOSE two’s!

– Boris

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