January 18, 2021

CES 2020: Cannabis Ban?


As I mentioned on the #420 Smoke Break today, I just found out (after the fact) that the big ass CES convention that takes place every year in Las Vegas had banned all references to Cannabis, prompting Canadian company “Keep Labs” to pull out from the show all together.

I just thought it was hella weird seeing as how CES (Consumer Electronics Show) used to be sorta a low key porn convention as well, but I guess that’s been gone for a long time now…

They did do an experimental thing (this year only so far) where they allowed sex tech from women-led start ups in the health and wellness section…

All this did was lead me on an internet rabbit hole which ended with me finding this really interesting (short) documentary about CES’s weird relationship to porn (while it’s NOT porn it is a little NSFW) so enjoy…….and hopefully CES will get the stick out of their ass (or in their ass?) about cannabis next year.


Sex at CES: An uncomfortable coupling

CES gave birth to porn’s biggest show, then it turned its back: engt.co/2hQBnUl

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