January 17, 2020



Boris was born in the frozen upper midwest of Minneapolis MN. After tearing himself free from the frozen yak carcass he was imprisoned in he began his radio adventure, leading him to places like Anchorage Alaska (metal AF) and Springfield Missouri (not metal AF) before landing in the Sacramento area in 2009, burf-place of bands as varied as Tesla, Cake, and Papa Roach.  In the summer of 2017 106.7 Z-Rock upper management needed a gentleman with such music knowledge and intoxicating charm he could make even a hardened prison guard swoon. After learning that man would cost $647,000, they instead hired Boris to bring the noise while you’re at your crappy job.

Boris' Bull$#!+

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90s@Noon, 90's at Noon, 90s at Noon, Boris on 106.7 Z-Rock, ZROCK

Weekdays at Noon, Boris clears out the playlist for a full hour of tunes from the decade that featured a booming economy, an impeached President that couldn’t keep his hands to himself, and an opiod epidemic. So, ya know….nothing at all like today. So get ready for Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Pantera, and a lot more, weekdays when the clock hits 12 bells!  Powered by Riley’s Bar & Grill, a Chico institution & hella Badass place for burgers at lunch time. Peep the menu here.