January 27, 2021

Boris fill in 420 Smoke Break

So Frost is out today (family emergency, hope uhr-thang’s okay!) which leaves me to be your herb-tastic herby herb guy this afternoon.  So for the 420 Smoke Break I found this list of the Top 10 podcasts for stoners.

To be totally fair I originally thought it was the top 10 stoner podcasts, but when I saw “Wait, Wait….Don’t Tell Me” on there I was hella confused (no I was not baked at the time), but I have listened to a few of these.

The most ridiculous one is for SURE “Getting Doug with High” but some of the other ones like Myths and Legends, Freakanomics Radio, and Stuff to Blow Your Mind…….will……..well, blow your mind.

Check out the whole list courtesy of 420science.com here

Boris fill in 420 Smoke Break

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