Beer-30 on 106.7 Z-Rock sponsored by Feather Falls Brewing Company with Boris and Tim Buc Moore

Ah, beer. It’s saved the world, ruined relationships, and brought Boris & Tim Buc Moore together for a perfect moment weekday afternoons on Z-Rock… Just around 5:30PM Boris cracks open a cold one and tells you about the brew: the ABVs, the mouth feels, the reach-arounds… all the good stuff.

He’ll let you know what he thinks. Then we hear Tim Buc Moore‘s Morning Blind Drunk Take. He tried out the beer as well that same morning (there’s a 5:30AM too after all), but he has no info. No label, no description, NOTHING but the beer itself. All together it’s a Beer Service Announcement where we tell you all about the craft beer revolution, which brews are sessionable, and which ones are…well, shower beer.

Feather Falls Fridays

Beer-30 is sponsored by Feather Falls Brewing Company, and every Friday, we make sure that one of the 19 reliably delicious concoctions is featured to ensure the weekend kicks off on the right note.


At the end of a long week, we all need some insurance that the featured brew is gonna be good, so thankfully these two shining beacons have come together!

Beer-30 On Demand


Beer 30: Feather Falls Friday-Sticky Bee

Another Feather Falls Brewing Company Feather Falls Friday was upon us. Boris looks forward to a sunny weekend and Tim tries to well…I am never really sure what Tim Buc Moore is trying to do…Either way, cheers to you! 


Beer30 Recap: King Cong-Naked Coffee Collab-Fab

King Cong Brewery hits it out of the park once again with their Naked Coffee collab- If you’re down in Sac, grab a couple brewskis. Big thanks again to Amanda for hooking us up with this fab brewery.


Feather Falls Friday RE-Revisited: Boris Gets A Lawyer Who IS NOT a Cat.

ICYMI: A few weeks ago, Boris did some wildin’ over at the Chico Airport (ALLEGEDLY) and yours truly, Frosty, was seriously concerned that he may end up in some legal hot water. Serendipitously, there was a new break out star in the world of celebrity lawyers. He’s NOT A CAT. But I hoped secretly that he…


Beer 30 ICYMI: Feather Falls Friday-Wild Warrior

ICYMI: Feather Falls Friday featuring the Wild Warrior IPABoris may be in some serious trouble and Tim Buc Moore loses absolute control of his homemade beer helmet.Frost is still thankful for the work at home order.Cheers!