February 19, 2020

Aftershock 2020

The Meat in the Metallica Sandwich

We’ve known Friday and Sunday since last year’s festival (we still have “Enter Night” empty cans adorning the Z-Rock studio), but now we officially know who’s holding court on Saturday!

My Chemical Romance!

Win Full Weekend Passes

To celebrate the completion of this tasty ass musical sandwich we’re giving away full weekend passes, beyotch!

Here’s what you need to do:

  • (2/17-2/21) Listen to Boris weekdays around 12:20pm
  • Do what he says (call/text/smoke signal/etc…)
  • Win two full weekend GA passes to Aftershock 2020! *
  • Everyone who wins is in the running for the grand prize upgrade to VIP!**


Whether scooping them up now, checking out a layway option, single/multiple day, or whatever, make sure you solidify your place to watch the most epic Aftershock yet, anchored by the most epic band in NorCal (if not the entire world) history, Metallica!

Z-Shock Aftercast

Boris and Frost do a pod for the first time since last year’s unbelievable weekend of awesome…..tude. Why? Because this week we were able to announce that My Chemical Romance will be headlining Aftershock Saturday this fall on 106.7 Z-Rock. The reaction was PASSIONATE and both positive AND negative so they read some comments posted to the Z-Rock socials and talk about it all. Also (as always) hella weird tangents and more.

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* standard contest rules apply, click here for alternate means of entry to any text contest

** Aftershock: Meat in the Metallica Sandwich Grand Prize Upgrade Contest Rules

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