January 18, 2021

420 South Dasmokeda Break


Hey it’s Boris, filling in for Frost today, and for your #420Friendly Story this caught my eye:

South Dakota Residents Will Vote on Legalizing Recreation Marijuana

Why?  Who cares?  We live in California which is not only hella far away from there but including us there are no less than 3 states before SD that have legal weed.

Well you may know I grew up in the upper midwest, and went to college very near the South Dakota border.  Their liquor laws are bonkers.  Like we would drive across the border at all hours of the night and buy goddamn Everclear in a gas station a play some video poker…

…but weed was HELLA off limits.  To the point where South Dakota isn’t only voting on recreational weed, but medicinal as well. Cause they don’t have it.

On top of that, this is a South Dakota Constitutional Amendment ballot initiative coming in November. 

Bonus eye opening fact: To qualify for a ballot initiative to go to the vote you only need a few more than 30,000 signatures (3.7% of the state’s population).  That’s how much smaller of a state people-wise South Dakota is than California (yes yes, make all your cases for Jefferson etc…).

You need almost 30 times as many signatures here, and that is only about 2.5% of the population of our state!

Either way, because this is the 420 Smoke Break I’m rambling on a tangent.  The important thing to note is that being as familiar with South Dakota as I am, I’d be FLOORED if either ballot initiative passed.

The Governor vetoed a HEMP bill last year according to the article and threatened vetos for any other cannabis bills the state legislature passes.

The point of all this?  I had no idea all my stoner buddies back in the upper Midwest had any organization skills whatever.

I’m from Minnesota originally, and all the border states around us are garbage. 😉

Nah just kidding……kinda

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