Wow there are rules for everything these days and weed is no exception. But sometimes the weed snobs actually have good ideas.

What exactly is a weed salad? Well, to be officially a “Weed Salad” it has to only be flower. But really, who makes these rules? They’re arbitrary but it’s fun to discuss, I suppose.

From my experience, you are in desperate times when you’re making a weed salad. It’s the leftover larf that’s at the bottom of the bag combined with someone else’s leftover larf from the bottom of their bag.

Now there are companies that are making “Weed Salad Blends” and stuff like that, which frankly blows my mind. The marketing people in cannabis are amazing at their jobs, really is what it boils down to.

According to the article in Leafly,

“Today, Backes precision-blends cannabis cultivars to target marijuana effects not found in nature. So whether you’re bored, adventurous, or almost out of weed—a salad is the way.”

Who knows? We might just make a mix that’s straight from the heavens. 

Go forth and blend, my child.

<3 Frosty

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