August 12, 2020

420 Smoke Break: Rockstars or Weed Guys?

Now, I’m not sure if you remember Hollywood Undead. They were those masked up dudes from L.A. who had that one song “Black Dahlia.”

Well, these guys have started a grow, a dispensary and a whole entire line of cannabis products, Dove & Grenade. I don’t get the name either, I think they’re going for edgy or artsy or something, but whatever works.

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One of the members of the band Johnny 3 Tears has proclaimed that their pre-rolls are the “best on the market.” Well, I’d like to challenge that as the pre-eminent  joint guru of FarNoCal. Bring me your joints, I doubt they’re better than the ones from the Emerald Triangle. We are basically in the Emerald Triangle, I’m counting it.

Anyway, I digress: 

Hollywood Undead says they’ve got a new album, so look forward to that and we’ll be keeping a look out for their weed brand.

Just saying… they’ve gone to Oklahoma, the land of Joe Exotic & company. But Carole Baskin is in Florida, just so y’all know. 😀 

Have you tried this brand? What do you think if you have? 

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