February 25, 2021

420 Smoke Break: Is This Smokeable?


So, how long does weed stay good? What if it’s in a vacuum sealed bag and hasn’t been touched? Is it ok to smoke? These are the burning questions of our time.

Thankfully there’s a guy who decided to be brave for all of us and try smoking 6 year old weed. Don’t worry, he got it tested for mold first. I’m not sure if I would take that step because I’m lazy and could probably tell if it was moldy, but to each their own.

His experience was what I’d describe as “Okay.”

The only real drawback to smoking really, really old pot is that it may have lost a bit of its THC and terpene profiles. It isn’t harmful, unless it’s moldy so I guess we can hoard weed for a couple of years. Who am I kidding, though? That stuff isn’t gonna last around here!

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