Are you a vape enthusiast? If so, you may want to be asking your budtender some harder questions. 

According to this Leafly investigation, several states still have a possibility of having contaminants in vape carts. We all remember the Vitamin E oil debacle, but that may not be the end of this.

Thankfully here in California we have some pretty stringent rules for the legal vape market. Unfortunately, the black market outweighs the legal here as well. Black market carts are traditionally iffy so be careful. The dispensaries have carts that have been through further testings, even though with the language in the article, we’ve still got a way to go. 

What’s really clear is that we need to be better advocates for ourselves, as the last line in the article states: “

  • Ask your budtender hard questions about what’s in a vape cart, and how they know it. If they can’t answer, they’ll start asking hard questions of their suppliers. Consumer pressure works.”

I wholeheartedly agree with that.

Make sure you know what your smoking,

Z-Rock Fam.