May 7, 2021

420 Smoke Break: Can You Be “Cali Sober?”


I Say No, but...

Okay, so filling in for Frost today I was looking for a 420 friendly story on the day and I saw this on Leafly from back in late January:

‘Cali sober’ supporters say yes, you can be sober and still smoke weed

The jist of the article is that there’s a growing number of people out there that claim to be “sober” but still ocassionally (or frequently) smoke marijuana.

Folks here in California don’t love the term “Cali sober” because it’s not just here, (like New York based comedian Nikki Glaser who just performed at Colusa Casino at the end of February considers herself sober but still smokes weed).

Either way, I was taught way back 1,000,000 years ago in health class that the definition of a drug is any substance other than food that has a physiological or biological affect on you, which cannabis DEFINITELY does.

I think “Cali Sober” is bull$#!+.  You can claim “alcohol free” but weed is definitely an intoxicant.

What about stuff like nicotine or caffeine?  Good point, however I think the wiggle room there is that while they are for SURE drugs you could argue that the effect isn’t “intoxicating” to the point that when you refrain from use long enough that you don’t have either in your system that you’re “sober.”

That said, I’m sure PLENTY of people think I’m dead wrong, and you’re free to tell me exactly why that is in the comments if you’re so inclined, I’ll just say whenever I partake in the herb it’s specifically as an antidote to sobriety……….but that’s just me.

Please now tell me why I’m worse than Hilter for this belief, lol.

– Boris

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