June 19, 2021

Friday Feeling: 420 Smoke Break

It’s Friday!

First, all hail the weekend gods!

Second, it’s possible that you may want to let your proverbial hair down this weekend and take some edibles.

Whether you’re an old skool smoker who’s well versed or you’re a first time novice, there are some handy dandy guidelines to help you enjoy the experience.

A lot of us have been there-

the first edible isn’t working after an hour so…

you take another…

then another…

and the next thing you know you’re on a three day extreme high for which you absolutely did not sign up.

Trust me, I know this from first hand experience which you can hear in all its glory around 4:20 PM today on the 420 Smoke Break.

Just another quick note on this, handmade edibles are not the same as dispensary edibles. If you’re just starting this adventure you may want to start with those as they have strict dosing guidelines. Later when you’re a pro you can get down on Aunt Mary’s brownies.

Good luck out there and stay lifted, Z-Rock Fam.


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