Stimpy was born out a lust filled romp between his mother and parties unknown at the Monterey Pop Festival. Rumors have swirled for years on just who the father might be. Jimi Hendrix, Pete Townsend and that guy that was selling acid in the parking lot are just a few of the men that have been mentioned over the years.
All paternity tests though have comeback negative. So the mystery continues.
After a wild childhood due to his mother’s need for sex, drugs and guitar gods, Stimpy grew into a man and headed out on his own to fulfill his dreams.
What dreams did the young bastard have?
Simple things really…
The love and desire of the hot women of Nor Cal, cold pizza for breakfast every day, getting paid for really doing nothing at all and being able to rock out all day long…
What type of job offers all of the above and more?
Being a rock jock on the greatest station around of course… 106.7 Rock!
Z Rock needed someone like Stimpy to dominate the airwaves and for his dreams of sex with hot women, cold pasta and money for nothing to come to true, he needed the big stick of the Noize of Nor Cal as well.
It’s worked out for both parties, but nothing can really be accomplished without you!
So make a request, send him an e-mail, like him on Facebook, hook him up with your sister and listen every morning to Nor Cal’s #1 Morning Show, The Stimpy Show only on 106.7 Z Rock!

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